50 Cent Bulletproof Game Review 2022

Famous American rapper Curtis Jackson, better known by his stage name '50 Cent', launched a promotional campaign for the console action film 50 Cent: Bulletproof starring himself 17 years ago. A standard, it should be noted, phenomenon in the world of computer games. However, the interesting things were revealed a little later - as we know, the game has a bloody rating "M" (Mature, 17 +), automatically cutting off a young audience from watching on the screen face-to-face with the active participation of the hip-hop star. But still, not only 17+ audiences, but also much younger ones, bought the game by the ton. Let's now move on to the game itself, what it's about.

50 Cent: Bulletproof interprets the events of American rapper 50 Cent's biography: according to official legend, he survived nine bullet wounds. The enraged gangster takes revenge on his abusers. Among others, it features the famous Dr. Dre as an arms dealer and Eminem as a corrupt cop as well. For fans of old rap from the early 2000s, this game is a great way to dip into nostalgia.

50 Cent: Bulletproof is a typical third person action with active use of firearms of all kinds and calibers. 50 Cent is given the role of a Rambo with an African-American flavour. Walking spectacularly over the corpses of numerous ill-wishers, a virtual incarnation of the star of the rap artist will restore law and order on the streets of American metropolis, shooting corrupt officials, criminals and other anti-social personalities.

Joining forces with G-Unit warriors Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo, 50cent goes up against some of the city's most dangerous criminal entities, cracking down on an international plot with devastating consequences.

The characters are voiced, of course, by the musicians themselves.

How to download 50 Cent Bulletproof on PS4

PS4 games can be downloaded in two ways: buy a digital copy from the PlayStation Store or use the CD-ROM. But, given that 50 cent bulletproof is almost twenty years old, finding a disc of this game will be problematic to say the least.

50 cent bulletproof ps4 download is easy as it can be.

All you have to do is find the game in the catalogue, add it to the cart and confirm payment. A notification will appear in the left-hand corner of the screen indicating that the console has begun downloading the game files.

If you have a 50 cent bulletproof ps4 game code that you purchased in an offline shop or won in one of the raffles, simply enter it into the appropriate field and download the game to your hard drive.

You don't need to pause the download of 50 cent bulletproof on your PS4 if you want to play something. All content can be downloaded in the background.

This completes the download. We think you can't wait to start playing, so what are you waiting for? The good old pixels are waiting for you!

How to download 50 Cent Bulletproof on Xbox

Downloading 50 cent bulletproof is easy. The first thing to do is to sign up for a new Xbox Live account as soon as you turn on your game console. Note that you can use the service with the console only if the gaming device is connected to the Internet.

To 50 cent bulletproof download using your console, follow the instructions:

  • Switch on your console and sign in to your Xbox Live profile.
  • Go to "Games" and, to find a game 50 cent bulletproof xbox, click on "Game Search", where you can see a wide range of projects of different genres.
  • Click on a game you like and select one of the following options: download the expansion pack, buy the game and install it on your console (if you've already purchased it).
  • Click on the "Confirm download" button.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about downloading, especially if you are an experienced user or have played other consoles, as they all tend to have similar loading and game launch patterns. Enjoy the game!

Why is 50 Cent Bulletproof so popular?

Of course, 50 cent bulletproof will primarily appeal to the older generation who grew up in the years when consoles were just beginning their development. No joke, 2005 could hardly boast the ubiquity of mobile phones, but consoles were already slowly beginning to capture the attention of players who had played the entire nineties on Sega and Nintendo.

50 cent bulletproof is a typical third person shooter but it's not a clichéd "good guy vs. bad guy" kind of game, nor is it another special agent or spy.

The protagonist is a ghetto guy who solves problems with his own methods. Plus, the popularity of rap music was on the rise in those years, and today's thirty-something serious men can remember their naive childhood.

50 cent bulletproof still holds its own in many aspects and the level of graphics should not be judged harshly, because the game is many years old.

How to start playing 50 Cent Bulletproof

To finish, let's talk about how to start playing on Play Station 4 and Xbox consoles. Let's start with the first one.

Launch the downloaded 50 cent bulletproof game the same way you would launch games from a normal disc. It is possible to start the game even after the data has been partially downloaded. The remaining data will be downloaded in the background while you play the game. Simply turn the console on, access your library of games you've already purchased, find your favourite title and confirm your selection. If you're only downloading 50 cent bulletproof on Play Station, you'll be able to launch the game after a while even if you haven't downloaded it yet.

The Xbox can be called a versatile means of entertainment. You can use it to play on your own, or you can use it to entertain several people. And. of course, just like the previous console we talked about, the Xbox allows you to start a game a short time after the download has started. Downloaded games are located in a special folder on the desktop. All you need to do to start the game is turn the console on, plug in the joystick, find the game itself in the folder with the rest of the downloads and click launch.